Bakery & Cake Shop

Powerful Restaurant POS For Your Bakery & Cake Shop

Easily manage quick billing process for your cake and bakery shop with RestroERPand enjoy the benefits of e-bills, inventory management, automated reminders, hot keys billing and custom barcode generation & printing for your in-house bakery products.

Fast Billing

Get fast and accurate billing for a busy counter.


Advance Orders

Manage all food delivery orders effortlessly


Custom Barcode

Get custom barcode generation for in-house bakery products.

Exclusive Features

Grab the amazing and advance features for bakery & cake shop

take-away-billing take-away-billing

RestroERP offers quick and accurate billing process where customers can order & collect parcels from the counter.

hot-keys hot-keys

RestroERP offers hot keys which performs billing more quickly than by navigation using a mouse or other input device.


Manage all your customer database securely in RestroERP which maintains all personal details effectively.

food-delivery-app-orders food-delivery-app-orders

RestroERP Software solution allows you to accept orders from various online ordering channels directly at the POS.

order-management order-management

Manage multiple orders effortlessly along with simultaneous fast billing with RestroERP.

kot-management kot-management

RestroERP offers an efficient KOT management serving your goal of customer satisfaction in a better way.

inventory-management inventory-management

Manage all your stock & inventory with ease by stock Re-order points, vendor Management & Payment Vouchers.

coupon-code coupon-code

Generate dynamic coupon codes and happy hours billing on special occasions for the customers.

e-billing e-billing

Forget the hassles and manage quick billing process by paperless bills and save them for future analysis.


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