Icecream & Dessert Shop POS

POS With Rich Advance Features For Your Icecream and Dessert Shop

Forget all the hassles of managing sales & billing of ice creams and desserts and manage stock inventory along with automated reminders of stock reorder points. Also, get the exclusive feature of reciepe making in which you can create custom reciepes for new variants of desserts.

Stock Re-order Point

Get instant alerts for different stocks & manage stock re-ordering easily.


Stock Expiry

Manage product expiry in stocks and replace them before its too late.


Reciepe Management

Create reciepes and get reports of how much inventory is consumed.

Exclusive Features

Explore rich & powerful features for your icecream & dessert shop

take-away-billing take-away-billing

RestroERP offers quick and accurate billing process where customers can order & collect parcels from the counter.

autobackup autobackup

Your valuable data is secured by advanced data management tools of RestroERP saving it from unauthorized access.

hot-keys hot-keys

RestroERP offers hot keys which performs billing more quickly than by navigation using a mouse or other input device.


Manage all your customer database securely in RestroERP which maintains all personal details effectively.

inventory-threshold inventory-threshold

Set stock re-order point and get instant alerts when the inventory reaches threshold.

dynamic-menu dynamic-menu

Create dynamic and customised menu's for different occasions and choose them on a single click.

purchase-ledger purchase-ledger

Manage multiple orders effortlessly along with simultaneous fast billing with RestroERP.

e-billing e-billing

Forget the hassles and manage quick billing process by paperless bills and save them for future analysis.

split-bills split-bills

Effectively split bills of customers by percentage-wise, portion-wise and item wise billing.


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