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Basic Package

"Start a hassle-free journey of managing your take-away restaurant with the basic package of RestroERP."

  • Three Training Sessions Free
  • 18% GST Applicable on pricing
  • Free Online Support For 1 Year
  • Extra Add-ons Available*
  • License Renewal Cost - Rs. 7,500/-

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RestroERP Basic Package Features

Explore the features of RestroERP basic package.


Take Away Billing

RestroERP is an easy solution with Quick and Accurate billing process. In this process, the customer can order & collect parcels from the counter. Order billings can be done in a short time which increases your operational efficiency. The records are stored in a secure database.


Multiple Roles

RestroERP software can be accessed by multiple users but with limited privileges according to roles and authority which is provided by the admin thus maintaining the security of the system. The data can be easily accessed only by the privileged, authorized user hence is highly secured.


Food delivery App Orders

RestroERP Software solution allows you to accept orders from various online ordering channels directly at the POS. It easily manages customer data from online ordering channels and save their details such as favourite orders, purchase history and address.


Auto backup and Recovery

Your valuable data can be secured by advanced data management tools of RestroERP saving it from unauthorized access and intrusions. The data gets automatically saved at regular intervals, without setting any reminders.


KOT Management

RestroERP offers an efficient KOT management serving your goal of customer satisfaction in a better way. You can print one or more tokens as per the requirement in the kitchen and increase productivity of kitchen operations.


Hot Keys Billing

RestroERP support Hot Keys which are the Shortcut Keys present on a computer keyboard that, when pressed at one time, performs certain task more quickly than by navigation using a mouse or other input device.


Expenses Record

RestroERP keeps record about all the expenditures in a simplified format. It helps in analysis of all the expenses, estimating profits and loss incurred to make more informed decisions. From paying advance salaries to additional expenses occuring in day to day life, RestroERP manages it all efficiently.


Customer History

RestroERP software keeps track of customer database maintaining all the details about purchases, orders, personal details, number of visits, discounts applicable, coupons codes generated, facilities provided and other offers. It helps in maintaining logs easily without redundancy or repetition.


Automated Reminders

RestroERP software keeps track of customer database maintaining all the details. Also you can get reminders for customer birthdays and anniversaries so that you can send exclusive discounts to them through sms or whats. It helps strengthening warm relationships with the customers.


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