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RestroERP is an exclusive in-house product of Antsglobe Technologies LLP. All rights are reserved.

Apart from all the points mentioned below, all the policies of Antsglobe Technologies will also be applicable on RestroERP. We respect the privacy of those who visit our web site. In accordance with this, we have created this policy in order to demonstrate our privacy commitment to our users:


By accessing this website (https://restroerp.com), you hereby agree and bound to the terms mentioned below. If you don not agree with this terms and conditions and other policies, you must not accept these terms and stop using the software and the services.

General Terms of Use

Following terms are applicable for all users who are either using the content of website such as tutorials, resources or other useful links or the users who are using the software either in online or in offline mode.

The trademarks, logos, copyrights and other intelletual property of RestroERP is solely owned by Antsglobe Technologies LLP.

On purchase of each license of RestroERP or accessing the resources from website, you hereby agree that you will not use any of the license or resources for any illegal, unethical or fraudulent purpose.

You acknowledge that you will not transfer, copy or distribute any of the licenses or resources of website without prior written consent of Antsglobe Technologies.

We do not rent or sell the customer data which is recieved to us in any form either from direct inquiries or through website inquiry forms.

While submitting the personal details on website, you explictly give the permission to RestroERP to contact you and send promotional offers and discounts to you. RestroERP might send some promotional mails or any newsletters to you to which you can unsubscribe anytime.

We follow strict policy for safe transfer of data from our website however there are always the chances of intrusions and hence RestroERP will not be responsible for any transfer of data from website to intruders.

These Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Indian laws and you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Nagpur, Maharashtra, India.

Any terms or conditions mentioned here are subject to change without any prior intimation to any or all of it's users.


You shall not use the license of the software for training or other commercial purpose etc. neither you will use any hacks, cracks or reverse engineering techniques to extract the code of the software. If found guilty, strict action will be taken and the criminal charges will be filed under the jurisdiction of Nagpur, Maharashtra, India.

All amounts payable to RestroERP for license, additional license or any other add-ons in non-refundable and is transferable only to some extent of other services which will be finalized only by prior discussion. For each license you purchase, you will get all the inclusive features and modules which is already mentioned on the website, However, for any add-ons, you need to make seperate payments which is again non-refundable and non-transferable.

For any additional license you purchase, you may required to share the add-ons such as printers or barcode scanners, however you can ask seperately for new resources.

Annual Renewal Cost (ARC) is 50% of the total cost of any package you purchase. Support sessions will not be chargeable however other subsequent charges may apply for on-site visit or for additional training sessions.

After installation, three free training sessions will be provided after which additional charges will be incurred for the same.

Termination of Service

If you wish to terminate the service of RestroERP, you may cancel the subscription plan any time by emailing us on support@restroerp.com. However, no refunds or credits will be provided you for the payment towards your subscription. You data or credentials might be removed from our database and will not be recovered.


We at RestroERP cannot guarantee that all the services offered by us will be error-free or completely secure as there are risks associated while working with internet connectivity. RestroERP will not be responsible for any loss of your internal data from your system i.e desktop or laptop and has no obligation to provide security other than developing a secured code. We try our best to keep all our consumers safe from all kinds of online attacks or intrusions and hence we suggest our clients to never give any personal information or login credentials to any unauthorized person as it may lead to loss of data and may incur substantial loss to your restaurant.