Exclusive Features

Restro ERP is not only a Restaurant Software but a complete POS + ERP Solution
which can take care of your Restaurant as effectively as you do.


Restro ERP Exclusive Features



Table Management

It is a Simplified solution with Quick and Accurate billing process that lets you process different table orders in a short time which increases your operational efficiency. The records are stored in secured database and can be accessed by authorized users only.


KOT Management

This interesting feature of Kitchen Order Token will serve you in managing the restaurant with ease in a better way. You can print one or more tokens as per the requirement in the kitchen. Restro ERP offers an efficient KOT management serving your goal of customer satisfaction.


Multiple Outlets

Manage your Multiple Outlets in a Single Click. You can View all the daily sales and reports in mobile relaxing at your home even if you have purchased an offline version. Restro ERP generates detailed analyzed reports and helps you in better decision making.

Inventory Management

Manage all your stock and inventory with ease by Stock Re-order points, Vendor Management, Payment Reminders and Payment Vouchers. The complete business details are securely stored and managed accurately.

Online Reporting

Restro ERP provides you with secure and easy accessibility to reports including details about KOT, Inventory, Events reminders, Bookings, Customer details etc. You can view Online Reports in your mobile from anywhere across the globe.

SMS Integration

You can easily keep in touch with your existing customer base right from your dashboard. Personally connect with all your beloved customers and Update them about the special offers and discounts through SMS at a single click.


Tab Ordering

Restro ERP enables Tab Ordering feature through which you can take orders from customers easily and register their favourite food order quickly and easily on your tablet and KOT. It enables efficient interaction between all the business units.


Events & Party Management

Restro ERP software simplifies managing records about all the Event and Party orders, Bookings, Payments, Menu orders to be served, Event reminders, Employee and Customer details, Balance amounts to be paid and other allotment details.


Royalty Points, Cupon Code

Now you can effectively manage Royalty Points and generate Coupon Codes on Special occasions for the customers, you can specify the Validity period of the special discounts to be offered as per the set criteria like number of visits.

Powerful features. Simplified operations.

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