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  • Multi user
  • Fast Billing
  • Easy & flexible UI
  • Easy Upgradation
  • Best for Takeaways
pricing  10,000 + 18% GST
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  • Stock & Inventory
  • SMS API Integration
  • Party Order Management
  • Multiple payment Options
  • Best for Dine-in and Takeaways
pricing  15,000 + 18% GST
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  • Hot keys
  • Multiple PCs
  • Hybrid mode
  • Manufacturing module
  • Best for Restro cum Bar
pricing  25,000 + 18% GST
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RestroERP Enterprise Features

Powerful, Integrated, Fast And Friendly POS+ERP


Table Management

It is a Simplified solution with Quick and Accurate billing process that lets you process different table orders in a short time which increases your operational efficiency. The records are stored in secured database and can be accessed by authorized users only.


KOT Management

This interesting feature of Kitchen Order Token will serve you in managing the restaurant with ease in a better way. You can print one or more tokens as per the requirement in the kitchen. RestroERP offers an efficient KOT management serving your goal of customer satisfaction.


Inventory Management

Manage all your stock and inventory with ease by Stock Re-order points, Vendor Management, Payment Reminders and Payment Vouchers, helps in checking stocks availability. The complete business details are securely stored and managed accurately.


Complementary KOT

RestroERP keeps a track of complementary KOT records. The complementary expense details inserted in the records help in evaluating the overall investments, sales, profits and loss incurred. This facilitates effective budget planning.


Supplier Ledger

RestroERP software will help you in handling stock purchase details and supplier accounts details efficiently which makes it easy for you to properly manage purchase bills, purchase returns, purchase analysis, supplier ledgers, all kinds of payments, stock evaluation.


Home Delivery Order

RestroERP is an effective software to track records of the food orders, both online or offline, orders dispatched, orders delivered, delivery location and time precisely. It monitors and manages the transactions precisely. Orders delivery can be tracked through the online portal.


Automated Reminders

RestroERP service comes with automated reminder alerts for reviewing balanced payments, stock management, sharing messages on special occasions, customer events, anniversaries and others. It makes the system reliable and secured.


Waiter Percentage

RestroERP accurately calculates and manages the waiters' basic salaries and benefits based on work completed, orders served and other tasks. Waiter are awarded benefits according to their performance.


Stock Reorder Point

RestroERP monitors the entire restaurant selling and non-selling inventory to prevent internal theft and manages stock waste in a better way. It generates detailed reports about stock consumption and makes effective data-driven decisions.


Purchase Details

RestroERP maintains record about all the purchase history. It monitors the purchasing details of inventory, re-ordered, stock ordered, automatic GST calculation, quantity purchased and other details.


Supplier Details

RestroERP builds supplier profiles by recording all the details about suppliers, supplier personal details, product details, quantity of supply, location and other vital information for effective management and communication.


Sales Details

RestroERP saves and manages all the Invoice details of the daily orders, total sales, number of staff members working along with customer details. It keeps the record of all the calculations and sales accurately.


Take Away Billing

RestroERP is an easy solution with Quick and Accurate billing process. In this process, the customer can order & collect parcels from the counter. Order billings can be done in a short time which increases your operational efficiency. The records are stored in a secure database.


Multiple Roles

RestroERP software can be accessed by multiple users but with limited privileges according to roles and authority which is provided by the admin thus maintaining the security of the system. The data can be easily accessed only by the privileged, authorized user hence is highly secured.


Food delivery App Orders

RestroERP Software solution allows you to accept orders from various Online Ordering Channels directly at the POS. It easily manages customer data from Online Ordering Channels and save their details such as Favourite orders, purchase history and address.


SMS Integration

You can easily keep in touch with your existing customer base right from your dashboard. Personally connect with all your beloved customers and Update them about the special offers and discounts through SMS at a single click.


Auto backup and Recovery

Your valuable data can be secured by advanced data management tools of RestroERP saving it from unauthorized access and intrusions. The data gets automatically saved at regular intervals, without setting any reminders.


Hot Keys

RestroERP support Hot Keys which are the Shortcut Keys present on a computer keyboard that, when pressed at one time, performs certain task more quickly than by navigation using a mouse or other input device.


Expenses Record

RestroERP keeps record about all the expenditures in a simplified format. It helps in analysis of all the expenses, estimating profits and loss incurred to make more informed decisions.


Export Report in Excel

RestroERP views detailed reports of sales, stocks, purchase, customer’s details and others on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. It also exports these reports in excel with the help of RestroERP.


Dynamic Bill Format

RestroERP produces a uniquely stylized billing format which can be easily customized as per the requirement. The templates can be redesigned by the user as per their convenience.


Customer Record

RestroERP software keeps track of customer database maintaining all the details about purchases, orders, personal details, number of visits, discounts applicable, coupons codes generated, facilities provided and other offers. It helps in maintaining logs easily without redundancy or repetition.



RestroERP software keeps track of customer database maintaining all the details. Also you can get reminders for customer birthdays and anniversaries so that you can send exclusive discounts to them through sms. It helps shrengthening warm relationships with the customers.



RestroERP creates customized reports as per your requirements and help you to make better decisions for your restaurant business. It generates daily, monthly, and annual sales reports for complete analysis. Maintaining over all your business administration by reporting and these report can be used for taxation.