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Login 1 Multiple Multiple
POS+ERP pos-erp pos-erp pos-erp
HotKeys/Image Billing hotkeys hotkeys hotkeys
Takeaway Billing tackaway-billing tackaway-billing tackaway-billing
Food App Orders food-app-orders food-app-orders food-app-orders
Expences Record expences-record expences-record expences-record
Customer Record customer-record customer-record customer-record
Multiple Roles multiple-roles multiple-roles multiple-roles
Sales Details sales-details sales-details sales-details
Reporting reporting reporting reporting
Export Report In Excel export-report export-report export-report
Auto Backup And Recovery auto-backup-recovery auto-backup-recovery auto-backup-recovery
Dynamic Bill Format dynamic-bill-format dynamic-bill-format dynamic-bill-format
Bulk SMS Integration bulk-sms-integration bulk-sms-integration bulk-sms-integration
Birthday/Anniversary Reminder birthday-anniversary-reminder birthday-anniversary-reminder birthday-anniversary-reminder
KOT kot kot kot
Complementary KOT complementary-kot complementary-kot complementary-kot
Table Billing table-billing table-billing table-billing
Inventory Management inventory-management inventory-management inventory-management
Ledger Report ledger Report ledger Report ledger Report
Purchase Details purchase-details purchase-details purchase-details
Supplier Details supplier-details supplier-details supplier-details
Waiter Percentage waiter-percentage waiter-percentage waiter-percentage
Home Delivery Order home-delivery-order home-delivery-order home-delivery-order
Part Payments Option pert-payment-option pert-payment-option pert-payment-option
Automated Reminders automated-reminders automated-reminders automated-reminders
Stock Reorder Point stock-reorder-point stock-reorder-point stock-reorder-point
Royalty Point royalty-point royalty-point royalty-point
Coupen Code coupen-code coupen-code coupen-code
Table Merging table-merging table-merging table-merging
Event/Party Orders party-order party-order party-order
Liquore Billing liquore-billing liquore-billing liquore-billing
Happy Hours Billing happy-hours-billing happy-hours-billing happy-hours-billing
KOT Display kot-display kot-display kot-display
Barcode barcode barcode barcode
Multiple Outlets multiple-outlets multiple-outlets multiple-outlets
Mobile Reporting mobile-reporting mobile-reporting mobile-reporting
Tab Ordering tab-ordering tab-ordering tab-ordering
Annual Maintenance Cost 10% 10% 10%
Annual Renewal Cost 10% 10% 10%
Online Support Free for 1 Year Free for 1 Year Free for 1 Year
MRP(Exclusive of GST) 7,500/-* 13,500/-* 25,500/-*

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